What is SavePoint Gaming?

SavePoint is a video game social venue where gamers can meet other like-minded players, helping to tackle social anxiety and isolation.


Where is it?

We are located at 199 High Street Blackwood NP12 1AA opposite the old Post Office and next to Papa Johns.


What do I pay?

It is £3 per hour per person.

Under 12's need to be accompanied by an adult. We offer membership ideal for those who want to game for longer!


What consoles do you have?

We have two Nintendo Switches, two PS4's (one with a VR), an XBox 360 and XBox One, a GameCube, and a Nintendo Wii and Wii U.


How old do I have to be?

Any age!

Under 12's we require you to be accompanied by an adult though!

We offer after-school activities between 3:30pm-5pm on weekdays for ages 7-12 (in which they can be unaccompanied by an adult!)


I am a parent/guardian, am I required to stay with my child and pay entry?

We require supervision for anyone ages 12 and under by a supervising adult, otherwise a child can be left for 90 minutes maximum. If you do decide to stay then you will also have to pay entry fee too.

Any questions you may have please email us or message via social media.


Can I have a birthday party?


We are currently redoing our party packages to offer, so keep an eye out for the update!


Is there a membership?


It is £30 a month and includes:

- Free Weekday entry & 50% off Saturdays

(excludes premium events)

- 50% off Papa Johns (Blackwood store and Collection only, excludes Ben & Jerrys)

-10% off SavePoint Food & Drink and Merchandise


Do you have tournaments?

Check out our facebook events page for up to date details.


Can I bring in my own controllers, console, or game?

Controllers we are ok with, but we do not recommend your own consoles (handheld ones are fine) but please do let us know if you do so we do not mix them up with ours!

If you want to bring in your own game we will have to ID you as we do not allow young children to play inappropriate aged games.



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